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New edition of the monograph

Gyol Publ. issued the second, revised and extended, edition of the monograph by P. V. Krylov “Exempla incarnata: epopeya Zhanny d’Ark i mir srednevekovogo cheloveka” [“Exempla incarnata: epic of Joan of Arc and the world of a person of Middle Ages”]. ISBN 978-5-8290-1630-2

The monograph studies some issues of the biography of Joan of Arc, which suffered the most from distortion in thу historical memory and determined the perception of this historical person both in France and all over the world. Based on a wide amount of sources and contemporary research publications of both Russian and foreign specialists the book discloses means and patterns of formation of false ideas concerning historical events and its participants. the author determines both conditions and factors either contributing or hampering such processes.
The book is designed for historians, lecturers and students as well as everyone interested in hitory of France and problems of historical memory.

New book

The publishing hoouse of the European University in St. Petersburg issued the collection of articles “Patriotic Cultures during the First World War” [“Kultury patriotizma v period Pervoi mirovoi voiny”] /ed. by K.A. Tarasov, composition and preface by B.I. Kolonitskii. ISBN 978-5-94380-285-0

This book is a collection of articles based on the reports delivered at the conference which took place on June 11-13, 2014 at the European University in St. Petersburg. The authors are schloars from Austria, the Great Britain, Germany, Canada, the USA and Russia.

This book incorporates publications on differeте issues and aspects of patriotism. The authors examine propaganda, posters and proclamations; metods of measurement of patriotism; social phobias, nationalism and political tricks as well as social movements which either played on patriotism or emerged because of it.

In memory of the outstanding historians

On September 9 and 10 2020 the events timed to jubillees of the outstanding historians, organized by St. Petersburg Institute of History in cooperation with the Manuscript department of the NLR, will be held.

The agenda of the events (in Russian).

International Scientific Conference “Mastering of the North: From the Past to the Future”

Dear colleagues!

Welcome to participate in International Scientific Conference, examining the industrial development of the North and timed to centenary of discovery of Norilsk deposit “Mastering of the North: From the Past to the Future”, which is to be carried out on December 14–16, 2020 at the State Archive of Krasnoyarsk Krai.

The conference is organised by Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS, the State Archive of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Publishing House “Political encyclopedia” (“ROSSPAN”), “Norilsk Nickel”.

Application deadline: September 30, 2020.

Further information: INFORMATION LETTER I 

The 9th International Symposium on American studies “The History of America: man, nations, cultures”

The Russian Association for Anthropological American Studies, Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS and the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the RAS on June 24-25, 2020 carried out the 9th International Symposium on American studies “The History of America: man, nations, cultures”.

Due to limitations implied because of COVID-19 it was held online with no division into sections. All the participants were invited to the sequence of sessions on the subjects of the conference. The conference reports were delivered mainly in Russian, but there were also reports made in English and Spanish. The discussion was carried out both during the topical session and during the final meeting of the Symposium.

The recording of the Symposium sessions is available on YouTube

New book

Publishing House “Political encyclopedia” (“ROSSPAN”) issued the new book by Yu.Z. Kantor “Pribaltika 1939-1945 gg. Voina i pamyat” [“The Baltics in 1939-1945. The War and the Memory”]. ISBN 978-5-8243-2405-1 .

«The problem of the Baltic region» of the late 1930s – middle 1940s is quite controversial for both specialists and ordinary people in both Russia and Baltic countries. Tragic, mythologized and even taboo stories of pre-War and war period of history need to be scrutinized on the basis of original sources. The monograph by Yu.Z. Kantor is composed on the grounds of the unique documents from the archives of Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In combination with the most up-to-date studies of scholars from Rusiia and the Baltic countries it gave a possibility to reconstruct a full account of what had happened in this region in 1939-1944.