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Preserving History. On 80-year anniversary of Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS

DSCN0081On February 16, 2016 at the Reading hall of Scientific and historical archive of the Institute exhibition “Preserving History” has been opened. This event was timed to 80-year anniversary of SPbIH of the RAS. The guests of the grand meeting dated for this occurrence were its first visitors.

Both original documents and copies from the funds of Institute’s archive and Saint-Petersburg branch of the Archive of the RAS are presented at the exhibition. The exhibition is based mostly on personal funds of scholars who worked at the Institute in different times; among them there are D.I. Petrikeev, K.N. Serbina, A.D. Lublinskaya, B.A. Romanov, E.Ch. Skrzhinskaya, S.N. Valk. Moreover the documents on organizational issues referring to the Institute are also on display.

DSCN0153The first section acquaints the visitors with the history of the building where the Institute resides, with the destiny of Museum of paleography and sheds the light on some episodes from biography of the museums founder N.P. Likhachev.

The main part of the exhibition starts with the fragment of D.I. Petrikeev’s notes on prehistory and organization of Leningrad branch of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences. This document is a part of unpublished work on the history of the Institute.

A lot of items reflect the work of the Institute during the Great Patriotic War. In particular the lists of employees of the pre-war and war periods composed by D.I. Petrikeev on the basis of archival documents are presented. Copies of documents from personal fund of K.N. Serbina reflect her life and activity as Institute’s employee during the siege of Leningrad. Подробнее

“The history of the Institute – the history of the Library”.

In the middle of February 2016 at the Reading hall of the Library of SPbIH of the RAS the exhibition “The history of the Institute – the history of the Library” timed to 80-year anniversary of the Institute has been opened.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe books inherited by the library from the Archaeographic commission and N.P. Likhachev’s collection are the most valuable items of the library funds. Their potential for exhibitions is enormous. The oldest books (incunabulum) belong to the former library of the Archaeographic commission; they are two editions of “Schedel’s World Chronicle” (Nuremberg, 1493). N.P. Likhachev’s collection is represented at the exhibition by French bindings of 17th century, two miniature “Elzevirs” (17th century) and book printed by publishing house of Aldus Manutius from the library of princes Ruffo Scilla. Among the exhibits from the Russian language part of N.P. Likhachev’s collection at the exhibition there are G.F. Dolgorukov’s binding (the first super ex-libris in Russia, 1723), a book from library of N.P. Likhachev’s great-great-grandfather Aleksandr Loginovitch dated 1783 (“Zertsalo myslennogo s Bogom sobesedovania…” printed in Moscow) and top rare “Pismo k drugu, zhitelstvuuschemu v Tobolske” (“Letter to a friend living in Tobolsk”) by A.N. Radischev (Saint-Petersburg, 1790).

DSCN0147-aHowever, not all the old and rare books belong to former library of N.P. Likhachev. Collection of A.D. Lublinskaya is represented by the the “Historia sui temporis” of Jacques Auguste de Thou (The Hague, 1740) in binding with the bookplate of N.I. Panin; two French books of the 17th century (Bourdonné. Pensées d’un gеntil-homme… Paris, 1659; Le Clerc J. Vie d’ Armand Jean cardinal duc de Richelieu…Cologne, 1696. V.1) and F. Brodel’s book (La Méditerranée et le monde méditerranéen… Paris, 1949) with author’s autograph. Подробнее

Auxiliary historical disciplines. Issue XXXIII

VID«Dmitrii Bulanin» publishing house has printed XXXIIIrd issue of Institute’s periodicals “Auxiliary historical disciplines”.

This collection incorporates articles where the results of historiography analysis and source study of different manuscripts and monuments of culture dated from 10th till 20th century are presented. The subjects of articles reflect many insufficiently known problems concerning sources on history of both Russia and Western Europe in Middle Ages and Modern history. The book presents the reader with studies on genealogy, diplomatics and other problems of auxiliary sciences of history. This issue also incorporates publications of documents from the archive of Saint Petersburg Institute of History on Ancient History of Russia and the Siege of Leningrad.

The articles have been submitted by scholars from Russia, Ukraine and Estonia.

This publication has been issued with grant support from the Russian Foundation for Humanities (projects №15-01-16035).

New translation of the diary of Lena Mukhina


Macmillan imprint (a part of Pan Macmillan UK) published the diary of Lena Mukhina translated into English by Amanda Love Darragh.
This diary is a truly remarkable account of this most terrible era in modern history. It offers readers the vivid first-hand testimony of a courageous young woman struggling simply to survive.
Including this edition the diary of Lena Mukhina has been published in 12 different languages and constantly excites readers’ interest.

New book


“Istoricheskaya illustratsia” publishing house has issued a new book of T.A. Bazarova “Russian diplomats at the court of the Ottoman Empire: reports of P.P. Shafirov and M.B. Sheremetev of 1711-1712 (The study and the texts)” (“Russkie diplomaty pri Osmanskom dvore: stateynye spiski P.P. Shafirova i M.B. Sheremeteva 1711-1712 godov (Issledovaniya i teksty)”).
This publication introduces to scholars the main report documents of ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Istanbul P.P. Shafirov and M.B. Sheremetev – the so-called “stateynye spiski”. These materials include information not only on the course of negotiations between Russian ambassadors and Turkish officials in 1711-1712, but also about establishment and development of contacts with European diplomats, creation of informants’ network at Istanbul.

The publication of documents is preceded with the study on Russian-Turkish peace talks and everyday life of Russian ambassadors at the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

This book will be of interest to scholars, lecturers and undergraduates and to everyone interested in the history of international relations and Russian diplomacy of the first quarter of the 18th century.

This publication has been issued with grant support from the Russian Foundation for Humanities (projects №12-01-00193 and №15-01-16058).

On 80-year anniversary of the Institute


On February 16, 2016 at 12.00 grand meeting timed to 80-year anniversary of Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS will take place. It will be held at the Conference hall of the Institute (Saint-Petersburg, Petrozavodskaya str., 7; Chkalovskaya metro station).

11.30-12.00 – registration
12.00-13.00 – salutatory addresses
13.00-14.00 – demonstration of the film “On 80-year anniversary of SPbIH of the RAS”
14.00-14.30 – coffee break
14.30-15.30 – opening and presentation of the exhibitions organized by the Library and by the Archive
15.30-18.00 – visiting to scientific departments and Archive of the Institute