Chronicles of SPbIH RAS


On April 3, 2018 the session of the Academic Council of SPbIH RAS and SPb branch of the Archaeographic Commission timed to 130-anniversary of outstanding Russian scholar D.Sc in History S.N. Valk (1887-1975) has taken place.

Collection of articles of the scientific conference


“Liubavich” publishing house has issued the collection of articles “Stolbovskij mir i vozvrashhenie Novgorodskoj zemli v sostav Rossijskogo gosudarstva»: materialy mezhdunarodnoj nauchnoj konferencii 28 fevralja — 1 marta 2017 g.” (ISBN 978-5-86983-826-1)

The session of the Academic council


On March 6, 2018 at the session of the Academic council of the Institute the presentation of the collection of articles “Russia and the World in the end of the 19th-first half of the 20th centuries” timed to 85-anniversary of academician B.V.Ananich (1931-2015).

Award winners


The award of the President of the Russian Federation for young scientists for 2017 was granted to Cand. Sc. In History, research fellow of the Scientific and Historical Archive of the Institute Nikita Viktorovich Bashnin for his contribution to the research on relations between the state and the Orthodox church, developments of the monastery system and publication of historical sources of 15th-19th centuries.

New book

“Dmitrii Bulanin” publishing house has issued a new publication “Jurnaly Komiteta Zapadnyh Gubernii”, tom 1:1831-1835 gg. (“The Journals of the Committee of the Western Provinces”. Vol. 1: 1831-1835). It was prepared and composed by T.V. Andreeva, I.N. Vibe, B.P. Milovidov, D.N. Shilov.

The Journals of the Committee of the Western Provinces (1831-1835) are highly important historical source on the history of large-scale governmental activities carried out in one of the largest and the most ethnically complicated regions of the Russian Empire, the Western territory, during the first years after th Polish rebellion of 1830-1831. These documents are published completely with no deletions or abridgment and are accompanied by appendix and indexes

In memory of Antonina Fedorovna Tutova


On December 26, 2017 Antonina Fedorovna Tutova, who was the head of the Institute’s library in 1978-1998, deceased.

From 1956 till 2014, all her life, Antonina Fedorovna worked in the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences. She was a kind and considerate person, really loved institute and her job. For several generations of readers the Library of the Institute and memory of Antonina Fedorovna would be inseparable.