The spring has come!

Our dear ladies! Let us cordially congratulate you with nice spring holiday – International Women’s Day March 8! We are glad to wish you be successful in your activities, obtain and preserve personal happiness and prosperity, keep solid health. May strong and reliable men ready to help and support you stay nearby all the time. Let peace and serenity surround you.
Director of SPbIH RAS N.N. Smirnov

Collection of articles “Materials of the Round-table discussion (On 70-year anniversary of the Great Victory)” (Sbornik Materialov kruglogo stola (K 70-letiu Velikoi Pobedy)


Publishing house of Politechnic University issues the collection of articles containing Materials of the round-table discussion carried out during 36th annual international scientific conference “Soviet science and technics during the Great Patriotic War (On 70-year anniversary of the Great Victory)” which is entitled “Scientists and the Great Patriotic War”.
The book is one of the unique academic publications dealing with the activities of the scientists and scientific organizations during the Great Patriotic War. It includes articles, greetings and memoirs of the participants and veterans of the war. The publication has been timed to 70-year anniversary of the Great Victory.
Contents of the collection of articles (in Russian).

New monograph


“Alliance-Archeo” publishing house issued a book by N.V. Bashnin “Dionisii Glushitskii monastery and its archive in the 15th-17th centuries: Research and texts” (“Dionisievo-Glushitskii monastyr i ego arhiv v XV-XVII vv.: Issledovanie i teksty”).
The monograph deals with the history of the monastery, and on the basis of multiple sources from archives of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Vologda the author scrutinizes monastic landownership, rural settling and population in the domain of the cloister. Research of social and cultural sphere presented in the book enlarges and enriches the notion concerning importance of this monastery for everyday life of medieval society.
For the first time in historiography archive of Glushitskii monastery of the 15th – 17th centuries has been reconstructed and examined. The book includes multiple maps, illustrations and appendixes; the second part of it incorporates publication of more than 450 documents of the 15th– middle of the 19th centuries.
The book has been published with financial support of the Russian Foundation for Humanities.

Jubilee of the scholar


On February 7, 2017 was a 85-year anniversary of D.Sc. in History, professor V.N. Ginev. Born in Sverdlovsk he entered the Faculty of History of the Leningrad State University in 1949 and made a choice of his profession he is still adherent to.
Being a disciple of S.N. Valk Vladimir Nikolaevich greatly contributed to both evolution of Russian historiography, source studies and archaeography on the whole by his scientific works and publications and development of Saint Petersburg Institute of History by his activity as the head of the Institute’s Scientific and Historical Archive and Department of Source Studies.
Friends and colleagues warmly congratulate Vladimir Nikolaevich Ginev with this great anniversary!

New book



“Nestor-Istoria” publishing house issued a book “Krauze Friedrich. Letters from the fronts of World War I (1914—1917)” (“Krauze Friedrich. Pisma s Pervoi Mirovoi (1914—1917)”) composed and edited by O.F. Krauze and L.A. Bulgakova. It includes correspondence between sanitary inspector of the Russian army F.O. Krauze and his fiancée (then wife) pediatrician A.I. Dobrohotova. The letters of F.O. Krauze composed like diary entries present to the reader both professional and everyday activities of the author. Being composed by direct witness of dramatic historical events these documents along with the extracts from reply letters of A.I. Dobrohotova are of great interest as historical source for scholars and for wide circle of amateurs interested in the history of the World War I and the Russian revolution.

The publication has been done with the financial support from the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation in the frames of Federal program “The culture of Russia”.

The Proceedings of SPbII RAN


“Nestor-Istoria” publishing house issued regular volume (2 (18)) of the Proceedings of SPbII RAN “Saint Petersburg Institute of History in the documents of the 19th-20th centuries” (“Sankt-Peterburgskii institut istorii v dokumentah XIX-XX vekov”). This book is devoted to 80-year anniversary of the institute and consists of publications of its employees on the history of the Russian history studies, which depict versatile scholarly activity of SPbIH RAS.

The book will be of interest to both professional historians and people interested in history.