New book

Publishing House “Political encyclopedia” (“ROSSPAN”) issued the new book by Yu.Z. Kantor “Pribaltika 1939-1945 gg. Voina i pamyat” [“The Baltics in 1939-1945. The War and the Memory”]. ISBN 978-5-8243-2405-1 .

«The problem of the Baltic region» of the late 1930s – middle 1940s is quite controversial for both specialists and ordinary people in both Russia and Baltic countries. Tragic, mythologized and even taboo stories of pre-War and war period of history need to be scrutinized on the basis of original sources. The monograph by Yu.Z. Kantor is composed on the grounds of the unique documents from the archives of Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In combination with the most up-to-date studies of scholars from Rusiia and the Baltic countries it gave a possibility to reconstruct a full account of what had happened in this region in 1939-1944.

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