New book

voin_blokadaThe book “War and blockade. Collection of articles in memory of V.M. Kovalchuk” (“Voina i blokada. Sbornik pamyati V.M. Kovalchuka”) has been issued by Nestor-Istoria publishing house. This collection of articles and materials is devoted to commemoration of a well-known specialist in history of the Leningrad blockade and the Great Patriotic War Valentin Mihailovich Kovalchuk. The book includes articles and publications of historical documents on different issues mainly concerning the siege of Leningrad. Also there are published memoirs about Valentin Mihailovich and the article “Lenigrad requiem” (“Leningradskii rekviem”), which provoked a lot of arguments, accompanied by materials that shed the light on evolution and completion of this affair.

The book is addressed both to the specialists and to everyone interested in the Russian history.

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