New book


“Petrpolis” publishing house issued a monograph by S.N. Iskioul “The war and the world in Russia of year 1812”, SPb., 2015.

This book unlike the previous historiography that took under consideration the war history examines the everyday life of different estates of the Russian empire of this period: clergy, nobility, peasantry and townspeople. The monograph scrutinizes every aspect of relations between central and local authorities on the one hand and between the estates on the other hand. On the basis of both archival and published documents, both little known by the scholars the author analyzes the attitude of different estates towards all the issues connected with the Patriotic war: French invasion, governmental efforts against it, recruitment and evacuation. He especially takes up the problems concerned with the destiny of Moscow.

The monograph is prepared thanks to the grant support of the Russian foundation for humanities in the frames of project “Russia and Western Europe: cultural transfer and the destiny of All-European cultural traditions (beginning of the 17th century – end of 1920s)”, №11-21-170001a/Fra.

The book includes the materials collected while being in Paris in the context of grants given by “Maison des sciences de l‘Homme”.

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