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“Kuchkovo pole” publ. in the book series “Zhivaya istoria” (“Live history”) issued the memoirs of V.N. Shakhovskoi “Tak prohidit mirskaya slava. 1893-1917” (“Sic transit gloria mundi. 1893-1917”) ISBN 978-5-9950-0990-0 (“Kuchkovo pole”); ISBN 978-5-9907259-8-0 (“Retrospektiva”). The publication provided with introductory article and commentary was composed by S.V. Kulikov.

The author of the memoirs is now underservingly forgotten outstanding statesman of the Russian Empire prince Vsevolod Nikolaevich Shakhovskoi, who from February 1915 till February 1917 served as the Minister of Trade and Industry.
The memoirs of V.N. Shakhovskoi are published in Russia for the first time. The book includes thorough commentary, which closes the gaps made by memorialist due to the absence of his pre-Revolutionary personal archive.

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