On 75th anniversary of the Victory Day

On May 12, 2020 at 14.30 expanded session of the Scientific Council of SPbIH of the RAS timed to 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War will be held. The session will be carried online with the reports delivered by:

Karpenko Irina Aleksandrovna, Cand.Sc. in History, academic secretary of the State Museum of History of Saint Petersburg «The First Victory Day. May 9, 1945 in Leningrad». The report (in Russian).

Moshnik Yulia Igorevna, Cand.Sc. in History, senior researcher of «Vyborg Integrated Museum-Reserve» «Finnish Press of 1941‒1944 about the Destiny of Sieged Leningrad and its Citizens». The report (in Russian).

Kantor Yulia Zorahovna, D.Sc. in History, Chief Researcher of SPbIH of the RAS  ««the Ways of Disappearance» of Artistic Valuables from the Occupied Regions of Russia during the Great Patriotic War (by the example of North-Western Russia)». The report (in Russian)..

Kovalev Boris Nikolaevich, D.Sc. in History, leading researcher of SPbIH of the RAS «Novgorod under hostile occupation in 1941‒1944». The report (in Russian).

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