On centenary of the Russian revolution



“Politicheskaya encyclopedia” publishers issued a book “1917. Around the Winter Palace” (“1917 g. Vokrug Zimnego”). The idea of this book belongs to Yulia Kantor, who was also its editor-composer. Cand. Sc. In History S.V. Kulikov and Cand.Sc. in History K.A. Tarasov are among the authors of this encyclopedia.
The subject of Revolution is a “dotted line” of the historical knowledge: some events, which took place in Petrograd in 1917, were well-known, but between them there is emptiness. Toponymies, the routes of political figures of Petrograd during revolution are tabula rasa for the most of us.
This collective monograph both raises and solves a number of questions and will be of interest for specialists-scholars as well as for a wide range of readers.

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