What was traded in the North-West of the Russian Empire at the turn of the century

What the Novgorod merchants traded, with which foreigners they corresponded, from where they brought the goods to the banks of the Volkhov – the trade history of the ancient Russian city was presented by the employees of the Novgorod group of St.Petersburg Institute of History D.Sc. in History Boris Nikolaevich Kovalev, Cand. Sc. in History Yaroslav Anatolyevich Vasiliev and Cand. Sc. in History Dmitry Yuryevich Astashkin at the round table “Trade Centers of the North-West of Russia” on September 14.
The Novgorod group of St. Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences was a co-organizer of the round table in the framework of the parallel program of the exhibition “Pskov and Vyborg: Trade Centers of the North-West of Russia”, which opened in the Novgorod United Museum-Reserve. This is a joint exhibition project of the archives of two neighboring regions – Leningrad and Pskov. It was implemented under the auspices of the Russian Historical Society and with the financial support of the Istoria Ootechestva Foundation.

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